Team Coaching: Build the Team You Want to Have

Is your team:

  • New to working together, not yet “clicking” with one another
  • Caught up in drama and conflict, walking on eggshells; Pulled into taking sides, instead of working together; Turning minor disagreements into major conflicts;
  • Lacking energy or focus and struggling to get work done together

A qualified team coach can help you address these types of issues.

Team coaching typically begins with an assessment phase that includes interviews and observations to understand the team’s strengths and issues that need to be resolved. From there, we work together to develop a coaching plan that works for your team. This could be a one-time “team building” event, or ongoing work, for example, live coaching offered alongside the team’s regular meetings.

Team coaching can help your team:

  • Clarify and align on goals, roles and expectations
  • Improve communication and conflict management skills
  • Build the team’s capacity to work in partnership with one another and with other parts of the organization

As a result, the team will be able to:

  • Collaborate in a meaningful, authentic way
  • Build long-lasting professional relationships
  • Explore differences in ways that contribute to the team’s development and decision-making
  • Have more productive team meetings and better decision-making
  • Take up their responsibilities with an eye to the work of the rest of the organization.


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