Develop Leaders in Your Organization

Looking for leadership development for your team or your staff?

Each workshop offering includes:

  • Multiple Learning Strategies: brief lectures, group work and experiential activities to provide valuable insights, while also having fun.
  • Explicit Focus on Application: Time set aside for planning for how you will apply the learning when you get back to the office.
  • Proven Insights: drawing on theory and research from the fields of leadership, management, psychology and communications.

Workshops can be offered as 1- to 2-day programs, or in modules that fit your organization’s needs. Consider combining workshops with coaching to create a Leadership Seminar so the learning really sticks!

personify leadershipPERSONIFY LEADERSHIP®

One of the most comprehensive front-line to mid-level development programs on the market today, Personify Leadership focuses on eight core leadership competencies. After completing this two-day program, leaders walk away with tangible tools for real world application for a variety of situations. The workshop leverages five methods of learning: experiential simulations, video demonstrations, case studies, skills application and personal reflection. During the program participants are exposed to ground-breaking research in the field of leadership development and tackle real problems leveraging new skills.


This training is for leaders who want more powerful, productive and satisfying conversations. We focus on How communication works and What you can do to improve decision making, conflict resolution and problem solving by improving information flow. Participants walk away with specific strategies for common communications traps, along with a deeper understanding of why these strategies work, so that they can be adapted to fit your circumstances. Get more information or register for this workshop here.


This unique workshop, developed by Barry Oshry, combines immersive exercises and strategic frameworks to get at the heart of partnership in organization life. When partnership is working, problems are solved in a more integrated way (vs. every team for themselves), ultimately leading to more productive and effective organizations. Through this workshop, participants discover why partnership is critical to success, what gets in the way of it developing and the role they can play in making it happen. Participants are given a whole new lens for seeing, understanding and moving past the roadblocks to success.


In addition to great off-the-shelf programs, I can work with you to create a custom program for your company on topics such as Authentic Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Communications, Clarifying Roles and Leading Change. Please reach out to me, and let’s talk about what your company might need.


Blending high quality content with group coaching and application, leadership seminars offer the best of both worlds. In these programs, a small group of professionals form a learning community that meets for a few hours each month. Each session includes the introduction of new content, followed by action planning and group coaching to prepare participants to apply the learning to their day-to-day work. Participants report back at the next session, which provides a sense of accountability, and supports group learning.Leadership seminars are a great way to accelerate development on your team and make the most of your investment, since participants apply what they learn right away.